Earl's Original Oyster Opener - Blade Free Oyster Opener and Shucker

"Announcing The Safest, Fastest, Easiest, And Most Fun Tool To Open Oysters And Clams Ever:"

Don't Be Fooled By Expensive Imitations Oyster Opening Machines ! Earl's Original Oyster Opener/Shucker Is By Far The Most Complete, Field Tested, Safest, Knife Free Oyster And Clam Opening Tool On The Market Today. Earl's Original Oyster Opener Tool is GUARANTEED To Be The Easiest, Safest Way Of Opening Oysters and Shucking Clams You Have Ever Tried Or We Will Give You A Full Refund With No Questions Asked Within 30 Days Of Receiving It!


Do You Love Oysters and Clams But Hate Cutting Your Hands Opening Them with a knife?


Do You Wish You Could Spend More Time Eating And Less Time Working Your Way To The Oyster and Clam?


Don't You Just Wish There Was An Easier Way?!?!


There is!, Earl's Original Oyster Opener Tool utilizes a knife free design coupled with mechanical leverage to make opening Oysters easy and safe. It's fun for the entire family and lets you enjoy Oysters and Clams without bloody hands.


Earl's Original Oyster Opener/Shucker is perfect for parties, tailgating, on the dock, in the kitchen, at the restaurant, and much more!


The sturdy all steel construction is durable enough for commercial applications such as restaurant kitchens, seafood wholesalers, caterers, and more. Dramatically reduce your professional liability and speed up processing time in the commercial kitchen with our bladeless design that will never cut your hand like an Oyster Knife or other blade based openers. The 5 year Comprehensive Warranty does not apply to Commercial use.


Earl's Oyster Opener Tool saves the juices in the shell (the best part) with its unique design.

Earl's Original Oyster Opener


Hear What Customers Who Bought Earl's Original Oyster Opener Are Saying:

"Earl's Original Oyster Opener is the sledge hammer of oyster openers!"

Rebecca J. | Florida

"After 2 workman's comp. claims we needed to do something about our employees cutting themselves opening oysters. We didn't want to stop serving them but we knew their had to be a better way. A quick internet search revealed two alternatives. One had blades and no lifetime or satisfaction guarantee. The other was half the price and guaranteed our satisfaction. We chose Earl's and have bought two more for our restaurant since!"

John L.| Maine "

"I bought it for my husband last christmas and it was not only his favorite present but now I get to eat oysters as much as I want. Thanks Earl!"

Heather L. | Florida


Here's How It Works:




Place Oyster in opener with Eye of Oyster facing the pointed end of lever handle. Press Handle in downward motion applying even pressure to oyster. Remove from Opener and easily prepare by hand.



Earl's Original Oyster Opener comes with a 110% Double Iron Clad Satisfaction Guarantee - If you don't absolutely love using Earl's Original Oyster Opener send it back to us within 30 days and we will refund all of your money; no questions asked.


In addition, if you don't think this is the absolute BEST Value in Oyster Opening Hardware you have ever bought just send it back within 30 days and we will give you a full 100% refund with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose by trying it out!


"But Wait... It Gets Even Better"

Earl's Original Oyster Opener comes with a

Complete Comprehensive 5 Year Warranty. If it breaks, we'll fix it or give you a new one... For The Next Five Years! Earl's Original Oyster Opener is made of high strength steel and has no blade to sharpen and no parts to break. It's a good old fasioned hunk of Quality Made In America Product and we are proud to have stood behind our word since the 1970's (Guarantee does not apply to commercial applications and usage).




Random Testimonial

"After cutting my hand and getting a pretty nasty infection I decided there had to be a better way to enjoy oysters. I went looking on the internet and found Earl's Original Oyster Opener. It was half the price of the next closest opener I found and didn't have any blades so I decided to give it a try. Not only does it work exactly as they describe it but I haven't cut myself since purchasing it. It makes Oyster opening and eating way easier when there are several of us on the boat. I highly recommend it!"

- Randy P. | Florida

About Us

Everyone always asks "Is there really an Earl?" In fact my friends there is. Earl was my father and spent a great deal of his leisure time in the Apalachicola, Florida bay eating oysters. In fact, Earl become so well known for his oysters that having oysters with Earl became a must for friends and family alike. When he was nicknamed by several friends the "Earl of The Oyster" a small urban legend began to get out of control.

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